Friday, April 3, 2009

maknyah :D

haha bapok ngn maknyah same ke?hehe susah kowt aku nk jawab soalan camni.hehe golongan ni la yg paling aku benci.haha pi mmpos la kalo org nk bantah aku ke ape ke tp mmg aku benci dowh.haha bkn la aku nk kate aku ni baik sgt.aku pown jahil jgk tp ini dah truk sgt ouh.haha adoyai diorg ni tak syg kote ke?haha slamber2 je potong camtu je.haha kalo kat petaling jaya,lg la aku pown tak cam mane maknyah atau pompuan.smue stok same je kowt.haha bahaye ouh kalau camtu.hahaha :DD tp smpi ble diorg nk jd camni?geli seyh.haha tolong la jgn sentuh aku.takut merebak kene aku je :DD

The non-governmental organisation IKHLAS (Pink Triangle) estimated in 1998 that there approximately 10,000 mak nyah in Malaysia, of whom 70–80% are Malays. Although this proportion is greater than that of Malays in Malaysian society, it is well within the margin of error. In 1983, the Malaysian Conference of Rulers ruled that sex-reassignment surgery should be forbidden to all except intersex people. Under Section 21 of the Minor Offences Act 1955, mak nyah can be charged for indecent behaviour for dressing as women. Such a charge usually results in a small fine of RM25–50. However, as the majority of mak nyah are Muslim, they can be further charged by a syariah court for offences against Islamic law, for which there is a fine of RM800–3,000. Police and religious officials can and do carry out raids in search of mak nyah and others considered guilty of 'sex crimes'.

haha segan ouh aku nak bace :DD melayu dan islam plk tu yg ramai :DD haha segan aku :P


  1. geli
    kat sini ade sorang bapok ni
    name Shahidin.Panggil sally youuu ! HAHA :P